Waterloo Station, London

Recruiting posters on college campuses with message embedded in computer code.

If you’re smart enough to find the message, you’re smart enough to work at BAE.

Recruitment puzzles. Solve them and get an interview.

Mobile recruitment ads.

BAE Systems

How do we protect ourselves and our businesses from crippling cyber attacks?

It’s the biggest issue of our time.

BAE Systems, a division of British Aerospace, is a British aircraft and munitions manufacturer with an expertise in military-grade cyber defense-systems.

Now they’re making those same systems available for businesses in the U.S. so, the same systems that protect nations and armies can now protect your enterprise.

BAE Systems. It’s not just security. It’s defense.

This campaign dramatizes that “moment of truth” when executives realize just how vulnerable they’ve been to cyber attacks. And how defenseless they are to defend against them.

Computer code is used as a visual device. It plays the part of another character in the drama.